Holy Relic Generator for Rabenstadt

A couple weeks ago I joined Chris McDowall’s OSR Discord server and finally started interacting with the OSR community. I have found it exceptionally welcoming and full of interesting discussion.

Among my favorite things in the Discord is Rabenstadt, a community project to write a vampire hunter sandbox set in 19th century Europe, inspired by the likes of Helsing, Bloodborne and Castlevania. The project is exciting and the sub-community is knowledgeable and supportive (thank you Sigve, Anton, Perttu, Tarsos, TacoSundae and anyone else I might have missed).

During the last few days we have been working on a table of relics. Real world relics are weird enough, so making them in-game magical artifacts seemed natural. Here is a table to generate random holy relics and a one-button generator to make relics on demand (thanks to Angus Warman, whose generator code I copied and tinkered with to make this).

Holy Relics

Relics are the physical remains of a saint or an important item that once belonged to them. Through them saints can perform miracles, which makes them invaluable for adventurers fighting the forces of darkness.

Relic Generator

Random Relic Table

The...of Saint...which...
1skullAureliusglows in the proximity of undead.
2bodyConstantinamakes the bearer untouchable by the undead.
Elriccan store sunlight and then release it when sprinkled with holy water.
4preserved heartGertrudemakes the bearer immune to disease.
5handJuniperoheals anyone who touches it a number of hit points equal to a roll of one of their hit die 1/day.
6blood Justinacan cure any disease from a person 1/week.
7whipStanislausmakes the bearer immune to mind-affecting effects.
8chainsTheocliaallows the bearer to re-roll a saving throw 1/day.
9cloakVincentenables the bearer to detect any lie they hear.
10crown of thornsVornheimiaimbues the bearer with holy might. Gives a +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage 1 for minute/ day.
11rosaryWenceslausallows the bearer to call 1d6 forth pillars of holy fire from the sky 1/ day. They are shaped like cylinders with 100’ height and 10’ diameter, and deal 1d6 damage per character level.
12swordXeniacan automatically destroy every and any undead within 30 ft once (ever).
13ribBelisariusallows the bearer to see through illusions.
14tongueTheodosiaallows the bearer to last five times as long without food, water or rest.
15eyeFrederickallows the bearer to survive lethal blows 1/ day. If an attack would bring them to 0 HP they instead remain at 1 HP.
16swordBernardetteallows the bearer to speak with animals.
17grailBericcan return a recently dead person to life once (ever). The target must have been dead for no longer than one week.
18ropeTheresegrants the bearer divine visions. They ask a yes or no question to the GM 1/ session, and they must answer to the best of their ability.
19spearLudwigmakes stigmata appear on the bearer’s hands and feet (allies within 30’ who share the bearer’s faith gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls and saves).
20journalSaturninagives the bearer understanding of all languages.


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